Bill Pollock

Bill Pollock, President, Strategies for Growth
Bill Pollock is President of Strategies for Growth, a research analyst and consulting firm based in Pennsylvania USA. In 2015, Bill was named “One of the Twenty Most influential People in Field Service” by Field Service News; one of Capterra’s “20 Excellent Field Service Twitter Accounts”; and one of Coresystems’ “Top 10 Field Service Influencers to Follow”. He writes monthly articles for Field Service News and Field Service Digital, and is a regular contributor to Field Technologies Online. Bill’s blog site ­ ­ has been used by more than 38,000 professionals in the global services market.

Bill’s View
“The intersection of Service Lifecycle Management and the Internet of Things is what will ultimately drive the field services sector to greater heights. However, the challenge is which platform to use, what technologies to embrace, and how fast to move forward. Join my Discussion Group to learn where your peers are focusing their energy!”

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