Darryl Knapper

Darryl Knapper, Principal Commercial Manager, FFA Solutions
Darryl has twenty years’ experience as a business transformation specialist and eight years previous to that in field & control engineering operations. As part of BT’s service transformation programme in the 90’s, engineers’ working hours were realigned to customer demand and Darryl led the introduction of a single attendance management solution across an engineering workforce of over 40,000 employees. During the mid 2000’s Darryl transferred to the commercial arm of BT working as a change management specialist providing consultancy services to a range of companies in the service and public sector. Towards the end of the decade he moved to his present role of leading the commercial engagement, managing suppliers and delivering change into in-life working solutions.

Over his career Darryl has been end user, customer sponsor, requirements specifier, project manager, and programme manager and this wealth of experience enables him to engage with each stakeholder at the appropriate level of communication. Being able to translate complex concepts into simple language and present this to a wide body of stakeholders is a key strength and along with actually delivering on promises has enabled the high degree of trust he now enjoys with our customer base.

Flexibility in his current position allows Darryl to stay in touch with reality by working with customers at all stages of a project. This variety in role has the mutual benefit of keeping his range of skills sharp and up to date whilst also allowing for a personally rewarding and stimulating role within BT.

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