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How Service Leaders Meet the Varying Needs of Today’s Empowered Customers

February 14, 11:00 am CET
·    John Hunt, Managing Director – EMEA, Astea International
·    Steve Murphy, Head of Operations – APT SKIDATA



Today’s customers have higher expectations when it comes to their service delivery. They do not want ‘one-size-fits-all’ service options; they want specific solutions for their unique problems.

The value proposition of service is changing, and service leaders have to change along with it. As a service provider, the value you deliver to your customers is measured by the efficiencies you can bring to their business. Yet, your customers each have different priorities, so they want the flexibility to tailor their service delivery to meet their unique needs.

If your service organization is flexible enough to give each customer what they want, you will gain a significant competitive advantage (and the ability to charge a premium price).

Join Astea International and its customer, APT-SKIDATA, as they discuss how service leaders must adapt in order to satisfy today’s empowered customers. Steve Murphy, the Head of Operations at APT-SKIDATA and a 20+ year veteran of service delivery, will explain how his team is delivering the kind of service flexibility that their competitors simply cannot match.



·       How to manage a diverse set of varying customer needs
·       How self-service capabilities can provide more customer value
·       How to deliver more value so that customers are less inclined to make their service decisions based on price
·       APT-SKIDATA’s more flexible approach to service delivery, powered by Astea’s field service management platform


APT Skidata is the exclusive supplier of the SKIDATA AG range of car access control equipment in the UK. Its systems are proven in hundreds of shopping centres, airports and city centre car parks throughout the country where they have gained a deserved reputation for quality, reliability and proven performance. Their technology is complemented by a team of project and service engineers that provide best-in-class service and support whenever and wherever it is needed, 24/7.


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Astea International is a global leader in field service and mobile workforce management. For 40 years, Astea technology has helped the world’s best service-driven companies generate higher profit while properly balancing customer satisfaction and service levels. Astea’s award-winning field service management platform, Alliance Enterprise, unifies processes, people, parts, and information to help service organizations create sustainable value in highly competitive, global markets.
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