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About Outpost24

Founded in 2001; Outpost24 is a Vulnerability Management company providing best-in-class solutions to help users identify and mitigate weaknesses in their network and web applications. Outpost24 offers real-time vulnerability alerts and solution-based reports that facilitate the instant recognition of imminent threats.

Outpost24 provides easy to deploy and intuitive solutions to help you continuously identify,
remediate and mitigate vulnerabilities on your network. Automated vulnerability scanning is performed on a frequent basis to discover vulnerabilities that are then rated and reported with a recommended remedy.

With more than 40 locations worldwide, Outpost24 detects more than 20 thousand vulnerabilities on a daily basis. More than 2000 companies around the world trust Outpost24 to protect their internal and external networks; from government entities, to financial institutions; and from global retailers to telecommunication providers.